“A return in grace for the Bulgarian combo…”
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Against all expectations, SEVI are coming back into the race, 4 years after their first and encouraging album “What Lies Beyond”, and 3 years after a remarkable opus in acoustic live named “The other side of SEVI”.
The video clips singles such as “On My Own” and “Don’t Hesitate “alongside live shows have been numerous, allowing the band to have an international presence.
The band has also participated to the 2014 Kavarna Rock fest, where it has been chosen to open the show for Europe, Krokus and Pretty maids. 2015 meet SEVI making the first part of Tom Keifer’s (Cindarella ) concert in Sofia during his Tour. It is in this energy that the combo now seeks to unlock their ascension, and be a part of the rising values inscribed in a register mixing hard rock, melodic rock and blues.
We understand that the band is starting to rise up a level on its prerogatives, offering a production realized with a lot of care and thoroughness, with a mixture equilibrating perfectly the instrumental and vocal parts between each other, and a arrangements made with a lot of precision.
This focus on thoroughness and value results in more well-achieved compositions and is as efficient, if not more efficient than the previous ones. Also, it is at the heart of a spirited torment, along voluptuous passages, that SEVI invites us to penetrate its core.
First of all, it is hard to forget the hits mentioned above, as they were subject to demanding script writing and meticulous accords.
As we listen more and more to these hits, they excessively retain our attention.
On the one hand, in the atmospheric wake of “Lacuna Coil”, the dynamic “Don’t hesitate” lashes out its bright and strong riffs, side by side with a slamming rhythmic, coupled with fiery vocal impulsions from the beauty.(Svetlana Bliznakova )
Certainly, the melody remains rudimentary, and therefore is easily memorable, but it is deployed with nuances that make this melody far more immersive than expected. Efficient and well realized, this piece (Don’t hesitate), comparable to a steamroller, will bring down all resistance. Moreover, already present on the acoustic production, “On my own” is covered in an orchestral version, with its subtle vocal “fly-aways” on a rock/blues style of good composition. Following a flexible rhythmic, this classy piece offers sulphurous verses, skillfully coupled with catchy refrains, put to light by the mistress of ceremony (singer), reminding us of Bif Naked.
A lead guitar in phase with a progressively plethorical intrumentalization, brings us a solo of well inspired and focused composition, another little gold mine prepared by the band and that is a success every time. Respect! We can easily add to these two pieces the rousing “Screw you, Honey”, which embarks us in a crazy ride, sensibly alternating seductive verses and incredible refrains. This piece has a feeling of deja-vu, a little bit repetitive, but this aspect doesn’t affect its mesmerizing rhythm, furthermore impacting the pavilion every single time. Thus, we understand that we are challenged by a powerful tube.
Also, fat riffs precede the stepping in of an agile keyboard in “The battle never ends”, with a melodic hard rock obedience.
Gimmicks from the lead guitar and series of blasts light up the dancefloor, while the beauty sends out sculptural and grievous vocal attacks, a bit in the style of “Ela”.
It’s really awesome and we easily get involved, getting hit by these blasts and vocal attacks until the venerable keyboard closes the march. Moreover, evolving on aerial synthetic melodies, the atmospheric “Goodbye” is as volcanic in its percussive trail, stamped with the cachet of the voice of the Goddess.
The motion of this song is coupled of keyboard and an almost free-willed lead guitar, answering to each other in echo in a series of extremely well executed accords.
Barely having time to catch our breaths, we won’t be looking for the comfort of a comfy chair, as we are absorbed by the magnetic dazzling speed and the harmonic originality of the moment.
The fast paced “Supernatural” lashes out peaking riffs in series, delivering a rare burst of communicative energy. Its square direct, deliciously offensive, the restitution of the keys of the scores being witness of a strong instrumental cohesion. We will only regret a melodic line that is not very oscillatory/various around its central axis, and less mesmerizing (than for other songs).
Lastly, the fulminating “One time thing” offers killing riffs that are answered in echo by a diabolical rhythmic session. In this overbid of agressivity, the sweet singer puts on the finery of a lioness, roaring with strength before attacking its prey. We stay unable to evade her claws and sharp teeth, being forced to headbang without stopping, making us be unsteady on our feet until we fall from apoplexia.
The band also thought about slowing down the rhythm of its strikes, all the while keeping the pep/energy that is the foundation character of this valorous band. A sulphurous moment comes in “Destiny”, mid tempo packed with the seizing vocal presence of SEVI.
In the rhythmic wake of Doro, this passage doesn’t miss the wanted effect, under the lead of immersive refrains offering themselves to us as well as a nice legato. On this title with formidable efficiency, we are sure to headbang .In the same style, the mid tempo “Crazy” of blues rock inspiration evolves on hot coal. Nervous rifts gripping a strong rythmic make us move our hips in a unhideable way. Thus, a real canon powder evolves on a slowed percussive rhythm, that the beauty ingeniously pushes at its paroxysm, partially interrupted by a brief but ballsy guitar solo. A little linear, this title stays furiously addictive with its character, carried away by the fury of elements that inhabits it. Lastly, an abyssal riffing introduces “Bitter of taste”, raging mid tempo with a fat rhythmic alternating with lighter passages of the most beautiful effect. We gladly wave our hair in the air in the wake of the bestial modulations of the beauty, even though the melodic path of the song seems reduced to its simplest expression.
As opposed to plenty of bands of this profile, our acolytes (SEVI) haven’t put all of their hopes on the seduction of soothing ballads with slow rhythms, far from that. There is one, but that doesn’t‘t have the goal to play with the emotional fiber of the listener, that will even have to look for it to seize all the harmonic subtilities that it contains. Sensitive ballad with the sound of a gleaming piano, “Not a Crime”, charms with its haunting harmonies and melodic tones that will allow a total immersion.The pleasure of the senses will be even better. Moreover, we won’t stay of marble in front of the sensual vocals, at the same time soft and powerful of the siren, sailing on a clean sea with a profound internal agitation.
Final words, although there are some melodical weaknesses and little atmospherical variety, the exercise of style convinces by an instrumental technicity more than mastered, more mature vocal performances and a quality of recording of a high level, as well as seemingly indestructible group cohesion. In addition, an in depth harmonical research sweats by all the pores of this seizing presentation, and the enterprise of seduction that SEVI is working better and better, without having to force itself. Other than the short pieces, sometimes too short to aim for optimal efficiency, the overall impression remaining is in favor for this band, it having improved the writing of its compositions and improved their accords. This band can hope to widen its audience, especially the ones that enjoy the sources of influence that they have, being inspired by them since the beginning. Waiting for a third effort, the one that will confirm our impressions, we can take our time to impregnate ourselves with the vibes communicated by SEVI.

Translated by Emmanuel Roufast

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