SEVI were formed in January 2010 by Svetlana (SEVI) Bliznakova (singer and songwriter) and Rally Velinov (songwriter, bass player), who previously collaborated  for some years on a number of solo projects. After some changes in the initial crew, the band hooked up with Pavlin Ivanov (drums) and Alexander Kirilov (guitars). On 24.06.2011, SEVI released their first single “Can’t Stand the Pain”. The video trailer was the first to be presented in a cinema in Bulgaria. The song entered in the National Radio charts  and also made it possible for SEVI  to popularize their music outside of Europe. They were chosen for Band of the week in Rock Symphony Radio (Lima, Peru) and the single was presented on WSF Radio (Chicago), Mani Moore Radio (UK) etc. Also in 2011 SEVI made couple of collaborations with the guitarists Jimi Sobara, Mihail Paev, Zyggie (Russia), also with Sugar DJ’s, DJ Katsarov, Project Arcadia etc. Sevi made a small summer tour in the country, presenting their music on open air stages, during numerous festivals etc. Again in 2011 the band released their second single “Limited Edition”. The theme, the lyrics and the interesting appearance of the band in the video were very well accepted bough by public and media. “Limited Edition“entered the radio charts right away! The song stayed for more than 46 weeks at TOP10 of the “Rock 40 chart” on the National Z-rock Radio. It was top of the charts for a week and stayed at Number 3 for two weeks. The song was voted in top 3 at “King Size 10 chart”. In January 2012 SEVI organized a festival dedicated to the new Bulgarian rock bands. They called it “23 & 1/2h Rock it Marathon.” The event took place at bar “Rock it” on 17 and 18 March same year and had huge success and massive impact on the Bulgarian rock scene! 30 bands in 2 days played on the stage of “Rock it”. On 14.06.2012 SEVI released their first official album “What Lies Beyond”. Inspired by the question “What Lies Beyond?”, SEVI  presented the album masked as pirates, who seek for new adventures and horizons. Right after the show the band sailed away on a National Tour, presenting the album  under the “pirate flag”. In October 2012 SEVI realized the second edition of 23 & ½ h Rock it Marathon with 24 bands, separated in 3 categories: blues, rock/alternative, punk/ska. On 30.11.2012 with an amazing Acoustic LIVE, SEVI released their third video “VICTIM”. The song topped the charts on Z-rock radio almost immediately and stayed in Top 10 for more than 12 weeks! On 09.12.2012 SEVI presented their new trance project “Shocked“, featuring Sugar Dj’s. The song entered in rotation on  BG radio, The voice radio and was among the initial nominations of BG Radio for video, song and trio. On 13.02.2013 SEVI released their first acoustic album and a DVD called “THE OTHER SIDE OF SEVI” On 05.06.2013 with an extraordinary  Route 66 show, SEVI presented the extreme video “Speed Up”, which was filmed on a truck, while moving around the city of Sofia. Followed by the roar of Harleys and free spirited bikers, the video is charged with passion, adrenaline and the promise of boundless existence. The band started 2014 working on a new album. Оn 23.04.2014, SEVI presented their 5th single and video “On My Own”. Written by Svetlana Bliznakova and the italian singer Pino Biaggioli in 2006, now fully arranged by SEVI, the song turned out to be one of the most ambitious projects of the band.“On My Own” enters  the top of the radio charts and stays for couple of weeks on number one position at the national Zrock radio chart  – Kamenitza rock 40!Summer of 2014 is very successful for SEVI. They are chosen to participate on Kavarna Rock Fest 2014, where the international jury choses SEVI to open the night of Europe, Krokus, Gus G and Pretty Maids.In july starts the first european tour of SEVI. They make concerts in Greece, Italy and Serbia. SEVI participate on the italian festival Pirates of Rock and play at the main stage of the serbian festival Gitarijada just before the great serbian band Riblja Corba. In february 2015 with a big concert in Sofia Live Club, SEVI celebrated 5 year anniversary and presented their book “The Price to Be Yourself” written by the journalist Nikolay Hristov. Sevi become also part of the promo tour of the Serbian Festival Gitarijada 2015In summer 2015 SEVI conducted a 4 month European tour in Romania, Itlay, Serbia and Bulgaria. Also in 2015 SEVI were chosen for opening act at the concert of Tom Keifer ( Cindarella ) and his band in Sofia.
SEVI kicked off 2016 with the release of their 6th video – single – “Don’t Hesitate” The music video was aired soon after with great success on a popular video-share-websites and some foreign music televisions.
The song is part of the band’s second independent album “The Battle Never Ends” which is in sale since 13.05.2016. The album consists of 11 hard sounding and soul touching songs that challenge us to truly look into ourselves and our surrounding. Marco Barusso – engineer of Lacuna Coil – took part in the mastering of the album. Many other musicians chose to support the band with this album top including Luca Princiotta (Doro Pesch).SEVI’s new album has been praised by lead magazines throughout the World such as “Metal Hammer” Italy,
“Fireworks”, UK, Powerplay, UK the Latin American “Rockmelodico”, “Barikada” – Bosnia & Herzegovina and is in airplay on radio & TV in Europe, Latin America, USA and Australia. SEVI made a 6 months tour to present the album with more than 30 concerts in Bulgaria and abroad. In September they were chosen to open the first concert of Nightwish in Bulgaria. On 18th November SEVI released a second single from the new album called “Destiny”. On 16 May SEVI opened the concert of “Europe” at Arena Armeec hall Sofia. Soon after that SEVI released thе singles “The Call”, “Am I Alive?”and the ballad “Broken Wings” –
singles from the upcoming new album “Follow Me”.
The album was released on March 09th 2019 featuring artists like Thomas Vikström (Therion) and Jen Majura from Evanescence.
In June 2019 SEVI released the featuring song with Jen Majura “To Hell and Back” as a single. Fast cars, fire, passion and strong guitar riffs. The song was very well accepted by fans and media.
During the summer of 2019 the band was part of the line-up of some of the biggest festivals in Bulgaria, such as Hills of Rock, Varna Rock and many others along with names like Disturbed, Avantasia and W.A.S.P
SEVI played also on festivals in Greece, Serbia and Romania.
SEVI were chosen to open the show of Evanescence in Arena Armeec on 11th of September.
2020 started with a new single “Shattered” presented officialy on March 06th especialy for the band’s 10th Anniversary show. The song will become a part olf the band’s 4th album.